New Trends In Luxury Travel

Nowadays people who opt for luxury travel look for new and unique experiences. When they travel to a foreign or exotic location, they try to understand the local culture and history of the location. 

The latest trend of luxury travel is not about staying in expensive hotels or eating off expensive plates and fine dining destinations. It is now about sharing experiences on social sites which no one else has shared.

One of the things that you can opt for is to sail on a private sailing cruise on a luxury yacht. Such a cruise in the Aegean Sea and especially in the Cyclades island groups will provide you with an authentic experience of the town or village that you are visiting.

Although it is a good idea to include the must-see popular tourist spots in any city or town, you will also be able to experience the local culture. For this, you should participate in local festivals with music, local dance food, and drink.

For people who love to shop there is a wide choice of wines, cheeses, lovely Hellenic products that you will not find elsewhere. There are also the Greek herbs that are grown organically. You can so arrange it with the skipper of your yacht the unique experience of mixing and

Matching different excursions and activities to suit your tastes and preferences. Among others, you can have such unique experiences like taking a personal healing session from a Reiki expert, Ayurvedic, Thai and Aromatherapy massages. If you wish you can enjoy water sports or a relaxing yoga workshop, the choices are endless.

Luxury Travel And Vacation Packages

Most people are interested in tour packages because they happen to be good deals. People opting for these tour packages stay at the best hotels located near their location. The comfort and service standards are of the highest order, and in a typical package all the costs like trips to and from the airport, and short journeys on the local level are all included. There are also guided tours of the destination wherein a group of travelers interested in similar things get together and enjoy the popular tourist destinations. The fees for gaining entry to museums and other places are already paid for, and all you have to do is simply enjoy your vacation.

Apart from the things that are included in the package you can also purchase additional tours and excursions. Most of the tour packages also include the price of the meals that you have during the day. Hence you can say that a tour package for a luxury vacation includes the different costs and fees associated with your travel hotel accommodation, car rental and also the luxury taxes that are part and parcel of such packages. Some tour operators offer special discounts on breakfast during a city tour

These different benefits that you get while opting for a tour package are the reason why they are so popular. However, you need to choose the travel package carefully. Make it a point to discuss your tastes and preferences with your tour operator who will ensure that they provide you with the package that you will enjoy the most. Some tour operators also provide tailor-made packages although these are a little more expensive.